Profound Approach.


The profound approach of BIO-ONE stems from the realization of this simple truth...

“If soils are alive, the earth is abundant.”


“Soil microorganisms are the foundation of soil biological life and soil fertility...

...Soil microorganisms are the first and the last link in the food chain on dry land...

...not only below ground but also above ground.”


Indeed, BIO-ONE introduces, restores, and promotes Life in soil.

Once the foundation of Life on land is restored, the earth yields more than adequate amounts with amazing perfection. The land seamlessly adjusts to any challenging factor, such as drought and extreme heat. It figures a way to sustain itself; it continues thriving with minimal effort and cost on our part.


It is the Law of Nature!

Sustainability and Profitability Here and Now

Revolutionary Solution

That is why, BIO-ONE is a revolutionary solution to many ills and challenges of modern agriculture. The benefits are immediate.

Harmony with the Law of Nature no longer means compromising immediate profit.


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About Us:

BIO-ONE and BIO1ONE are trademarks of BIO-ONE, Inc. BIO-ONE | BIO1ONE official reference site link

Established in 1992, BIO-ONE, Inc. has remained on the cutting edge of soil fertility inputs and solutions. BIO-ONE, Inc. is the sole developer and manufacturer of the BIO-ONE | BIO1ONE microbiological soil fertility solutions and inputs. BIO-ONE has been the first and the only one of its kind for over two decades.


The relationship between BIO-ONE, Inc. and TRANSTRADE LLC goes back to 2005. It progressed into a Joint Venture in 2007 and matured into the full acquisition of BIO-ONE, Inc. and its intellectual property by the founder of TRANSTRADE LLC, Mr. Aydemir Arapoglu. BIO-ONE, Inc. remains engaged solely with manufacturing, while TRANSTRADE LLC is the sole sales entity of all products manufactured by BIO-ONE, Inc.  More